Homeline Vs Qo Breakers

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As far as qo and qob s are concerned why would anyone use a generic equivalent. Specified breakers mean the manufacturer has tested the breakers in the panel and listed them to be used in that panel.

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Overview comparing the similarities and differences in physical characteristics and features of homeline qo load centers.

Homeline vs qo breakers. Well over the years here i have read several times that the internals on square d homeline and qo breakers were the same the only difference being the breaker width and the qo having invisi trip. You have probably noticed ul classified and interchangeable circuit breakers around the market. Square d homeline vs qo breakers re.

Overview of the physical differences between square d qo plug on neutral and standard qo panels and how qo circuit breakers are installed. But you can use homeline breakers in other standard 1 panels. Qot qo pl qo gfi ul class a ground fault protection qo afi arc fault circuit interrupter qo cafi combination arc fault interrupter or qo epd 30 ma equipment ground fault protection branch circuit breakers.

Service ratings branch circuit breakers qo circuit breaker load center qo 1 pole 2 pole qo 3 pole qo gfi 1 pole qo gfi 2 pole. If you shop at the right place you can buy qo for just about the same prices as homeline. These are breakers that have been tested in panels that they are approved for similar to manufacturer specified breakers.

It is important to check with a qualified electrician or an electrical supply house to ensure that you can use interchangeable breakers in your panel. In many cases a square d type qo panel can accommodate siemens q series circuit breakers but this is not always the case. Iirc homeline panels have a small protrusion on the bus where the breaker stabs on and only a homeline breaker has the clearance notch in it to mount where this barb is located.

I was discussing this topic this morning with my old man and decided to go into the shop and grab a used homeline and qo breaker crack them open and find out. 1 9 60 there s no such thing as a stupid question only stupid answers re. To learn more please visit the.

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