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Aadhaar-enabled bank account (AEBA) is a bank account linked to Aadhaar number of the resident that allows transactions on the account on the basis of resident’s Aadhaar number.

An Aadhaar enabled bank accounts will be opened for every resident, if he or she chooses to consent to the same at the time of enrollment. The accounts can be opened for children also. The resident will not be charged for opening an Aadhaar-enabled bank account.

AEBA will be opened as a ‘No-Frills’ account, as defined by RBI in its regulations issued from time to time. AEBA can be converted into a regular bank account/provided any other facilities at the discretion of the bank.


Residents who already has a bank account

The disbursements of social security benefits like pensions, scholarships, MGNREGS wages etc. would be through Aadhaar enabled bank account. The Aadhaar enabled bank account can be accessed though a low cost inter operable micro ATM network. Mobile payments and instant payments through biometric authentication will also be enabled in future for such accounts.

Linking of existing bank accounts to Aadaar

The resident would be allowed the option to either link an existing bank account to Aadhaar or open a new bank account at the time of enrolment. The necessary details like the bank branch details and account number would have to be provided by the resident to link the existing account. Also, the person can always approach the bank concerned for linking the existing bank account to Aadhaar.

Please provide procedure for updation bank account with AADHAAR

Advantages to the unbanked population

  • The unbanked population will also be able to get an bank account without going to a bank.
  • The Aadhaar linked bank accounts would enable direct transfer of Subsidies to individual person.

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